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  • How do I make a booking?
    The easiest way to make a booking is to send us a request through the contact form. Try to give us as much information as possible so we can process your request thoroughly. Once we have discussed your tattoo idea with our artists, we will send you a time and price estimate. If everything appeals to you, we send you more information regarding paying the deposit and finding a fitting appointment. Click here to make a booking
  • How do I prepare for my tattoo appointment?
    To attend your appointment, you should be healthy and well rested. Make sure you have eaten and had some water beforehand and if you have a long session ahead of you, bring some food and water with you. We also advise bringing something sweet with you, to support your circulation. Wear loose fitting clothing or bring a change of clothes, if you are getting tattooed in a more exposed area. If your tattoo position is beneath your bra, we recommend not wearing one for at least for one hour before tattooing, so there are are no marks on your skin. Painkillers such as Aspirin and Ibuprofen, can cause a higher chance of over-bleeding, which can negatively affect the result of your tattoo (especially for large size tattoo). Therefore, we advise not to take such drugs (or any drugs that affects blood flow or clotting) for 24 hours before your tattoo session.
  • How do I see my design before the appointment?
    Unfortunately we don‘t send out designs, as it has happened before that the designs were then taken and done somewhere else. This is not a risk we are able to take. In most cases, you will see the design the day of your appointment when you arrive. In other cases, the artists will create the design the day of, after speaking to you about it. We always plan enough time to discuss everything and for you to still make any changes you wish to make. For bigger designs, we can sometimes plan a separate “Design Check” appointment, to show you the design at the studio and discuss any changes you wish to make.
  • How do I get to the studio?
    Our studio is located right next to the Holzhausenstraße U-Bahn Station, which is accessible with the public transportation services including U1, U2, U3 and U8 trains. Take Exit B from Holzhausenstraße, our studio is right at the top of the stairs coming up. If you are coming by car, there are a few public parking spaces around the studio, however most of these require a parking ticket.
  • How do I make a consultation appointment first?
    If you wish to discuss your ideas in a consultation first, you can write this in your request through the contact form. If you’re planning a bigger project or one that requires a lot of detail, our artist will usually invite you to a consultation beforehand anyway. The consultation itself is free and an appointment for the actual tattoo can only be planned, once you have had the consultation and have paid a deposit. Though in some cases, a consultation is not necessary, if the artist already has a good understanding of your tattoo idea and a tattoo appointment can be planned without a consult.
  • How do I attend a consultation if I live far away?
    If we have invited you to a consultation, we always prefer you come in person. However, if you have a very long journey, we can also offer a consultation over Zoom. In those cases, we will send you a Zoom Link the day of. If you live in or close to Frankfurt, we ask you to come in person, as it is easier for the artist to plan your tattoo when they are able to see you and the placement of your tattoo.
  • How do I communicate with the artist, if I don’t speak their language?
    All of our artists can speak English, however if you have difficulty with the English language, our reception is able to help translate (English / German)
  • How do I take care of my tattoo?
    Your artist will usually give you a quick explanation of the aftercare after your appointment. You can find a thorough explanation of the aftercare instructions right here.
  • How do I know if I need a touch up?
    If you’re unsure if your tattoo needs a touch up, you can send us an email with a picture of your tattoo 3-4 weeks after getting it. Make sure the picture is taken with good quality and in natural lighting. We will show the artist, who did your tattoo for you, the picture and let you know if a touch up is necessary or not. If it is, we can easily make an appointment for it to get touched up.


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