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After your session, your tattoo artist will have applied a protective film.

  • If you’ve received a regular plastic wrap, you can keep this on for 2-3 hours.

  • If you’ve received an adhesive clear bandage, also called Second Skin, we highly recommend taking this off the next day after the session

The reason for this being, you could unknowingly be allergic to the adhesion of the Second Skin and could develop a reaction - if you notice any irritation or unusual reactions, immediately remove the second skin.

It is best to remove the protective film under lukewarm, running water. You may notice some wound fluid or in some cases even blood under the film - this is completely normal. 



Gently clean your tattoo with PH-neutral and scent free soap. 
After cleaning the tattoo, pat it dry with a paper towel or a lint free towel. 

Your tattoo heals best when exposed to air, so give your tattoo a few hours to breathe before proceeding with the regular care.
Based on this, we also recommend wearing loose fitting clothing around the freshly tattooed skin, as to not cause any rubbing or friction of the tattoo.



During your tattoo’s healing process, it is important to keep it moisturised.

Use a cream specifically made for tattoos to moisturise your tattooed skin.

Only apply a thin layer of the cream, to ensure you aren’t clogging your pores and can still let your skin breathe.


  • For big tattoos, we recommend moisturising 3-5x a day in the first week, 2-3x a day in the second week.

  • For small tattoos, we recommend moisturising 2-3x a day in the first week, 1-2x a day in the second week.


After the third week, you can moisturise your tattoo depending on how dry it still is.



Your tattoo will start to crust and peel, like a regular wound. This means that it is healing correctly.

Do not scratch or pick the pigment scab off of your skin


Furthermore, it is also advised to avoid

  • Exposure to UV radiation - this will make your tattoos fade

  • Sport activities that make you sweat a lot - this will open your pores and lead to your tattoo losing ink or becoming infected

  • Sauna and swimming pool visits - this will open your pores and lead to your tattoo losing ink or becoming infected



After 3-4 Weeks, the tattoo process should be done and your tattoo should be fully healed.


If a touch up seems necessary, you can send us photos by email. If we agree that it is necessary, we will make an appointment.


Please note: A touch up can only be done 3-4 weeks after the procedure and only with a set appointment.

The touch up must always be done by the same artist who did the tattoo for you. If you get a tattoo from a guest artist, the touch up has to also be done by the guest artist.

You’ve just received a tattoo - here is how you can care for your tattoo after leaving the studio.


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