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Participate in our monthly poll on instagram to determine the theme for the next months flashes. The winning theme flashes will be posted every 1st of the month!

Flashes of the month.png

We believe that our customers should have a say in the artistic direction of our tattoo flashes. That's why we've created an interactive experience where you can actively participate in choosing the theme for our artists' creations each month.

Here's how it works: On our instagram page, we'll post a poll featuring a selection of  themes chosen by each of our artists for the upcoming month. It's your chance to make your voice heard! Vote for the theme that resonates with you the most, and let your preferences shape the artistic landscape of our studio.

Once the poll closes, our talented artists get to work. They channel their creativity and expertise to transform the winning theme into a series of captivating tattoo flashes. Each artist infuses their unique style and interpretation into their designs, ensuring a diverse collection for our customers.

When the new month arrives, we unveil the winning theme's flashes on Instagram. You'll be able to explore these unique designs and find the perfect tattoo that speaks to you. Our fixed prices for each flash make it easy to plan and book your appointment, ensuring you don't miss out on securing your favorite piece of art.

Join us in this interactive journey and influence the creative process for the flashes our artists produce. Don't forget to vote in our monthly poll on instagram and be part of the excitement as we bring your chosen theme to life.

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